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  • Big enough to cope, small enough to care (32 Staff)
  • Established for over 13 years
  • Rapid development process
  • Full service – from design through project management and end-to-end testing
  • We become your partner – fully integrated and we think and operate as you

“Go on, give us a challenge!”

Here’s what we love
to hear

“I don’t know if this can even be built.”

There are lots of very competent development
agencies out there, who’ll build exactly
what you tell them.

Not us. We’re different.

Very different.

We don’t want your specification, we just want your idea, and then together we’ll figure out how to make it reality.

That’s what we do best. Take great ideas from brilliant entrepreneurs and turn them into incredible apps.

And we’ve never failed. There is nothing we’ve been unable to build.

It’s probably because we’re obsessive about using only the very best and latest techniques.

… Because we care so much about delivering excellence every time, we’ll do it even if it means putting in extra days or weeks of work.

… Because we just genuinely love building cool stuff.

… And because we only choose projects and clients that we can get excited about.

If that’s you…

If you’re thinking, “How are we even going to do this?”

Then  please get in touch.

Go on, give us a challenge!

Sound good?

If you would like us to work with you on your next project, please feel free to get in touch and tell us about what you’d like to achieve.

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Custom software development company

As a custom software development company we realise that it’s not just about what you build, it’s also about how you build it. Embarking on a software development project is a commitment on multiple frontiers—business, personal, financial—to name but a few. Any investor wants to know where their money is going, and quite rightly so. Nothing speaks value for time spent more than tangible results. That’s why we believe in early visibility of developing products via iteration with working prototypes. It’s why we deploy our code with continuous integration technologies—so you can see it evolve, sprint by sprint.

Dynamic workflow

Our core workflow has been refined over the course of many projects and is the result of much internal analysis and iteration. This doesn’t make our approach to work rigid or inflexible though—much the opposite. We realise that every project is in some sense unique and will have its own individual requirements. Our tried and tested working methods, rather than being a dogmatic set of rules, provide a framework that gives us a strong working foundation from which to springboard a project into action. Truth be told, most of the time we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. Our experience in building custom software systems shows us what works.

Sound good?

If you would like us to work with you on your next project, please feel free to get in touch and tell us about what you’d like to achieve.

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Attention to detail

In working with our clients, we undergo a process of assembling a combination of elements that will give them the functionality they need to support their business operations. Then we tailor it to the client’s unique needs and imbue it with their personal flair. By this method we build something solid and reliable but something also reflects the uniqueness the client brings to the table. We know how much the small things matter, and you’ll find our attention to detail second to none.

Close working relationships

As an extension of the same philosophy on manifest value, this is also why we value transparency in business. We’re confident that you’ll find working with us refreshing. We’re not in the business of just telling you what you want to hear. Our job is to to gather real working knowledge of your business, get to know how you operate and then create a complimentary and innovative solution to support and enhance your user needs. We’ll always tell you what we think, even if it’s a difficult conversation. And we expect the same treatment. We value honesty and the development of strong working relationships based on trust earned over time. It’s the only way to develop relationships that can weather real working challenges. And revolutionising your business with custom software can indeed be a challenge. Old habits die hard, even if they are bad habits. We’re here to introduce you to better habits.

Experienced & friendly

While MITS uses offshore developers, our management is based solely in the UK. Communication is vital, especially for something as complicated as developing software systems. Our experienced and friendly UK staff are always happy to help on project matters. Most of our developers have been with us for around five years—a hard-working, dedicated core of developers who we know well and who understand the way we work and our commitment to quality. We maintain our own set of standards informed by industry best practices and our working experience of what works best in terms of the leanest, swiftest, most maintainable and scalable solutions. These standards and processes are the subject of continuous improvement in the true spirit of Agile. Knowing that code and process analysis is never far away keeps us all sharp and give us a confidence in the robustness of our output that makes all the work worthwhile. We pass on that confidence to our clients in the reassurance that our systems are not only highly functional and beautiful, but also hard-wearing and resilient to failure.

Exactly what your business needs

With custom software development you get exactly what your business needs. No using several tools when one will do the job. No compromise. Reap the benefit of our experience in terms of known solutions to common problems and enjoy exploring the details of how we find uniqueness for your brand in the details and modifications. If you need to devise a revolutionary workflow, that is fine too. We love to explore new territory and solve big problems. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you need, that’s what we’re here for, after all. We work closely with our clients to understand and design for their specific needs, and to find the optimal and most graceful solution to their operational requirements. As already stated, we also believe in making beautiful products—software that looks great and feels reassuringly good to use. In all regards, we are committed to the highest quality work. If you are too, get in touch. We’d love to work with you.

Recent Projects

For JLR we built an integration between their suppliers and their internal systems to ensure the Just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing process ran smoothly. Huge throughput and high availability were required as the cost to bring the manufacturing line to a halt was significant.
For Samsung we built an order management system interfacing between Korea and the UK warehouse and distribution system. Given the array of products on offer in the UK, it took some serious analysis to build a flexible process.
Originem are a long time client - we built a timesheet, invoicing and payroll application for them and have developed and maintained it since it went live in 2015. We were tasked to improve on the incumbent system which took upwards of 7hrs to run payroll. Our system took 30 seconds.
We work both directly for Bullhorn and for end clients. We build web portals (candidate/client), customise the Bullhorn platform and integrate many systems with it. Bullhorn continues to grow and we support that growth with flexible resourcing.
Floc is a game-changing App aimed at anyone running clubs (think yoga, hockey or tennis) to massively simplify the cash collection. We flipped the original request on it's head to enable parents one single platform to manage all of their children's clubs.
NL Managed Services were changing the way the NHS worked with Recruitment Agencies but it was time consuming and error prone. We built a platform to manage and simplify the entire lifecycle, allowing them to grow exponentially without the increase in staffing.

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