Web Application Development

Web Application Development

At Make IT Simple, web applications make us giddy. They’re our bread and butter. They are truly what we do best and what we started with.

It’s easy for some people to get confused trying to understand the difference between a web application and a website. Web applications are things like Facebook, or where you do your online banking. Of course, those might look like websites when you’re checking them in your browser, but they are actually applications that take a lot longer to build - we’re talking thousands of hours.

Why are web applications beneficial?

So, why go for a web application instead of a traditional website, especially if it’s more work? Well, because of that additional work, you’ll simply end up with a better product. To make it simpler to understand, think of web applications the same way you would with a desktop application. But, instead of it only working on your computer, it works online in a web browser.

Because of that, web applications are typically consistent for every user, and any updates that need to be rolled out can be done quickly and effectively.

As a bonus, because a majority of people now browse the Internet on their phone through their favourite browsers, your web app could be in the hands (or pockets?) of millions of people across the globe to access at any time.