About us

We are a small team of boutique software developers who are obsessed with technology!

At Make IT Simple, we believe one of the things that set us apart is that we all like each other, and enjoy working creatively together (at least, we all like each other after we’ve had our morning coffee…)!

We are a motley crew of brothers and sisters with a passion for creating and bringing ideas to life. Truth be told, if we weren’t creating bespoke software solutions and apps for work, we’d be doing it for fun. That’s just how nerdy we are – we all love our jobs and could not imagine doing anything else!

Not only that, but we are up on the very latest technology, and can't wait to translate its benefits to our clients. We build bespoke software solutions, web and mobile/tablet apps for a wide range of clients – working closely with them to create perfection.

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What We Do

Even though we’re one big happy family, we do divide ourselves into two groups.

Don’t worry, it’s not a competition (depending on the day). Realistically, nothing would get done if these two teams didn’t work side by side to create something beautiful together!

Our two teams are:


Our “devs” are the developers within the company. They’re responsible for software creation, programming, coding, and anything else that involves endless hours behind a computer screen (and again, lots of caffeine!).


Our “non-devs” are a slightly smaller group at Make IT Simple, but no less important. This team has a wider range of responsibilities, doing the work before, during, and after development. They’re in charge of speaking to clients, managing schedules, project planning, and so much more.

Simply put, they keep things running smoothly around here!

We’re proud of every single person on our team and their dedication to creativity and development.

That’s what Make IT Simple is all about!

Shall we work together?

Whatever your ideas for custom software solutions, mobile or web app, we’d be
delighted to work together with you to bring your vision to life! Simply get in touch with
us today and one of our (hopefully suitably caffeinated) team will be on hand for a

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