UI/UX in Custom Web App Design and Development

Functional technology is easy.

That’s especially true in today’s world where it can often feel like developers are a dime a dozen.

Admittedly, we started out that way, too. When we were met with a custom web app task, we got the job done, and there was nothing wrong with any of those projects.

It wasn’t sustainable, however - and looking back, it wasn’t usable or attractive either!

Over the years, our experience has grown alongside the continual advancements in technology. Subsequently, we’ve learned that it doesn’t necessarily matter how functional something is if it’s not easy to use and enjoyable.

The importance of user experience

In recent years, there has been a shift in the development world. Because there are so many websites, apps, and programs, people expect a certain standard when it comes to their experience. A product needs to be easy to understand, and a joy to use.

If it isn’t, no one is going to get the most out of it, and as a result, your intended users aren’t going to stick around for long.

In a nutshell, user experience plays a vital role in customer and brand loyalty!

That’s why, here at Make IT Simple, we started making UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) an essential stage of our development process for custom web apps and other digital products.

The result? Our clients have needed less support for their users because their systems are easier to understand off the bat. People enjoy using them and come back for more. Who doesn’t want that?

So… what’s our process?

Our UI/UX process starts off simply – which is rather fitting, since we want to make sure your users can navigate your product easily!

As we go through the process, we’ll talk about some of the on-screen elements, as well as information architecture. All the while, we’ll add more clarity and get more answers as to what you want your user’s experience to be.

From initial mock-ups where you can start to see the shape of the user interface to full fidelity mock-up designs, you’ll have your eye on our process every step of the way.

UI/UX for custom software is extremely important, but it still isn’t a “cookie-cutter” process.

It’s all about what fits your needs, and what you think your users really want. We can help you to create something they will love.


If you’d like to work together on your next digital product – whether that’s a custom
web app or something else entirely – to create the best possible experience for your
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