About us

At Make IT Simple, we believe one of the things that sets us apart is that we all like each other, so we enjoy working creatively together (at least, we all like each other after we’ve had our morning coffee).

We are a motley crew of brothers and sisters with a passion for creating and bringing ideas to life. Truth be told, if we weren’t doing this for work, we’d be doing it for fun. That’s just how nerdy we are.

Large letters made of lightbulbs spelling out CODE HAPPY

What We Do

Even though we’re one big happy family, we do divide ourselves into two groups. Don’t worry, it’s not a competition or anything (depending on the day). Realistically, nothing would get done if these two teams didn’t work side by side to create something beautiful together. Our two teams are:

We’re proud of every single person on our team and their dedication to creativity and development. That’s what Make IT Simple is really all about.