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At Make IT Simple, we’re no strangers to the pressures that today’s start-ups face.

Running a start-up business is nothing short of exciting. Having identified a gap in the market that you have the knowledge and enthusiasm to fill, you’ll be sure to want to get started ASAP and see your business dreams become a reality!.

However, starting a business – in today’s competitive landscape especially – is not without its challenges (believe us, we’ve been there!). If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve started out solo or with a single partner, which means you’re currently calling the shots on every aspect of your business. Not always an easy feat on your own!

Ensuring that your enterprise has a strong kick-off and is smooth sailing and profitable requires a ton of hard work and consideration to lots of different business areas that, in a few years' time, you’ll have other team members to manage for you and a more suitable budget to cover.

In order to get you there first, however, here’s how our app developers for start-ups at Make IT Simple can help…

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We create mind-blowing apps and software for start-ups to enable their business to thrive!

Over the years, our team have worked closely with a number of start-ups and entrepreneurs to build them incredible, user-adored and cost-effective apps and software solutions. This has subsequently enabled them to bring their business to life quickly and securely!

So… how will we work together?

1. We’ll get together for an initial chat

During this consultation, our team of app developers will discuss your ideas with you and what your business goals are before outlining how they can help you achieve them through one of our solutions!

(Not got an idea for your app or software yet? Not to worry – scroll a bit further down this page to see how our app developers for start-ups can help with this too!).

2. We’ll make a start on your brief

Once we’ve established what you’re after, we’ll get to work on your app or software! You’ll also play an essential role in this process, as you’ll have the opportunity to see your product being developed in real time and offer feedback as we go.

3. Testing begins!

Once your app or software is ready, we’ll set to work on rigorous testing. We won’t release it out into the world until a) every button, swipe and pixel are as smooth and striking as possible, and b) you are 100% satisfied (even then, we’ll be on call to fix any issues).

4. We’ll remain available for ongoing support

To ensure that your application is launched only when it is perfect, we test and retest throughout the build process, using the latest automated system.

Our work here at Make IT Simple is never truly finished. Even when your app is out in the world, we’ll be on hand with full technical support to ensure that any (highly unlikely) bugs or glitches are fixed right away!

We’ll also ensure that your app or software continues to reflect the needs of your business and customers as time goes on.

Want to start a business but don’t know what in? Or where to begin?

As the world’s technology and demands continue to evolve, more and more gaps in the market are opening up and waiting to be filled - so it’s understandable that, with all the enthusiasm in the world, you might not be entirely sure where to start on your new enterprise.

Thankfully, our app developers for start-ups can help with that, too, providing consultations, guidance and advice based on your passions, experience and goals, until we find the perfect venture for you.

Ready to kick-start your new business with an awe-inspiring app or software product?

Simply get in touch with our team today – we're ready and waiting to bring your ideas to life, no matter how out of this world they may be!

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