Custom software development for business: 6 things you need to know

by Andy Jones ,
May 8, 2020
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If you are considering custom software development, you have already taken the first step toward increased growth and development. Many businesses soon find they outgrow the limitations of standard, off-the-shelf or packaged software, and turn to custom-developed applications to give their business a competitive edge, a platform for growth and to give them a solution that meets their business exactly.

Before taking advantage of the new phase in your company’s life, here are 6 things you need to know about custom software development. These facts can help you make the right decision.

1) Custom Software Can Help You Make Money

Using Custom-made software can help you streamline your service delivery, allowing you to provide a better customer experience, enhancing your business reputation and growing word of mouth business. The fact that you have your own custom technology can also be a selling point for potential clients, who are looking to work with a company that has dependable systems in place – this can help you increase sales. Automating and streamlining time-intensive, manual processes can reduce personnel costs and make you more efficient and more profitable. If you are planning to sell your business, using bespoke software can make it more appealing to the buyer and give you an extra edge in the negotiations. And finally, the software itself could be a product or app that you sell or monetise to create income for your business.

2) You Need To Make An Investment

Let’s face it, custom software development comes with an investment, and not every company is willing to make that investment. Short term, it’s often more convenient and more tempting to choose an off-the-shelf software package and ‘make do.’

Like any good investment in your business, however, the long term ROI for custom software can be highly impressive, and every penny spent on bespoke software adds IP value to your business – whereas third-party licence fees are money you will never see again.

3) Bespoke Software Makes You Unique

It’s a fiercely competitive business environment out there, and every company needs to demonstrate its competitive advantage. Custom software can be a way of differentiating yourself in the marketplace and allow you to deliver your products or services in a way that none of your competitors can.

Never underestimate the power of distinctiveness – it can make or break your business.

4) The Development Phase May Be Long

Purchasing off-the-shelf software takes a few clicks (although implementation and take-up can sometimes be a much longer, drawn-out process). Developing a unique software program, on the other hand, may take months. When considering bespoke software development, make sure you are factoring in and planning for this timescale. When we work with clients, we take a meticulous approach to the consideration of all your needs and plan a realistic project timeline that allows us to deliver a solution that 100% meets the requirements of your business.

This process takes time. Some directors and business leaders abandon the idea of bespoke software development due to this long development phase. However, the right solution is usually worth the wait. And the earlier you start the process, the faster you can use it. It’s as simple as that.

5) Integrate And Connect Different Programmes

One of the major bespoke software benefits is integrating and connecting all the other programmes you are using into one place. This allows you to optimise many business processes, yielding immediate time and efficiency savings. Having different, siloed software platforms for each aspect of your business is complicated, time-consuming, and may lead to many mistakes.

6) Take Advantage Of Developer Support

Problems arise from time to time, even when using the ideal software. While off-the-shelf solutions may fit your business more or less ok, problems and questions are unavoidable, with manufacturer ‘improvements’ and ‘upgrades’ being notorious pinch points. Unfortunately, not all off-the-shelf program developers are ready to offer life-long support. When it comes to bespoke software, you own the software and can be in control of its future direction. Most of our clients, once we’ve developed the solution, will also use us for our ongoing support and future development to make sure your software stays current.

Personalised Support For Personalised Software

At Make IT Simple, we develop high-quality, unique, efficient, and timesaving solutions for your business. We also offer you long term development solutions and support, helping you to unlock the full potential of your software assets as your business grows and changes.

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