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by Andy Jones ,
October 12, 2020
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At some point in the company development process, many business owners start thinking about bespoke software solutions. Custom software can change the way you do business by improving business processes and actively creating value for your company.

Many companies try to save money on business software by using off-the-shelf applications. Implementing generic software is generally more time and labour consuming than using bespoke products. However, the price difference is usually the key factor when choosing software.

What many business owners don’t realise at the initial stages of business development is that they may need to invest in bespoke software solutions sooner or later anyway. While it seems smart to save now, implementing a less-than-perfect solution could cost more in the long run in customisation fees and lost productivity than investing in a bespoke solution at an earlier date.

Bespoke software solutions are specifically created to grow together with a company, adjusting to its needs along the way.

Which Companies Can Benefit From Investing in Custom Software Solutions?

The majority of businesses can become better by using bespoke software. However, the following industries may benefit from it the most.


Most companies and departments that deal with recruitment rely on software to reach a wider audience and work out communication with their candidates. The key to optimised search and selection is automating some of the processes.

Bespoke software can help recruitment companies organise their customer requirements, source information, communicate with candidates, analyse skills, and much more.


The hospitality industry can benefit from bespoke software solutions in many different ways. Running a hotel without proper business software is virtually impossible. Property managers benefit from custom solutions to optimise the payment process, conduct inspections, manage customer feedback, and save time on countless routine management tasks.

Large-Scale Manufacturing

Regardless of the manufactured product, most large-scale manufacturing businesses benefit from bespoke software to optimise their work processes. Custom software can process sales orders, synchronise department work, do financial reporting, manage procurement etc.

An off-the-shelf software platform may not adequately process the amount of data a manufacturing company has to deal with. Each manufacturing business needs a special approach to make it work flawlessly.

Should You Invest In A Bespoke Software Solution?

If you have a reasonable budget, already use one or more business process platforms and can see room for improvement in the way you operate your business, you should at least give some consideration to bespoke software.

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