Is Server or Cloud Best for Hosting My Web App?

by Andy Jones ,
December 4, 2022
Web Application Development

For Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies looking to launch a web app to their customers, you have to get all the technical details ironed out before you roll it out. You may have created a highly-functional application and tested and tweaked it beyond recognition. But there are still other considerations to think about before you can take it live.

One important decision factor is whether to host it on a local server, or on the cloud. Hosting a web app on a local server, means it is physically stored on your premises within your computer system. With cloud hosting, on the other hand, the application and all associated data will be stored remotely and accessed via the internet. It effectively means you are paying for space on a server, rather than the server itself.

Both approaches have their own individual benefits and drawbacks. But which is the best for your web app? Let’s find out.

The Benefits of a Local Server

  • Because the web application and its associated data are stored on your server, the speed of upload and download is likely to be a lot quicker.
  • Because you are not using a hosting provider, you have complete control over the setup of your system to ensure it meets your exact specifications.
  • Having a local server physically on site can give you a sense of security, in that you can be sure that only you and your team can access it.
  • In the event that your internet connection goes down, you will still be able to access your web app, whereas if it is hosted in the cloud, you will not.
  • A local server is generally a cheaper option than a cloud hosting subscription.

The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  • The host provider takes care of all essential maintenance and upgrades. This means that any issues related to hosting will be fixed promptly as part of the service, and you will have peace of mind that security is being regularly updated. This is one less thing to worry about and gives the freedom to focus on your business and customers.
  • Data is stored remotely, meaning that there is no risk in the event of anything happening to your computer system or premises. Your app and data is accessible anywhere and on any device, as long as you have an internet connection.
  • It is easy to upgrade your cloud subscription if you need more storage space or additional features.
  • If your local server crashes or dies, your app will not be affected.

It’s clear there are benefits and drawbacks to each solution, so it’s important you weigh up the pros and cons and make the right decision for your needs.If you are looking to develop a web app, or need advice on hosting, get in touch with Make IT Simple to discuss your requirements.

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