So My Web App is Built, What Next?

by Andy Jones ,
December 14, 2022
Web Application Development

If you’ve designed and built your own web app, you’ve probably wondering what the next steps are. You’ll want to know how you can get your app out to your target audience, or how you can build a business around it that offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) package.

Whether you programmed the application yourself or hired a developer to do the job for you, bringing your idea to fruition can be hugely rewarding. But it’s understandable you want to take your vision further and reap the benefits.

So what’s the next stage? The following article provides a simple guide for turning your web app into a successful business.

Pricing and Subscriptions

As a SaaS company, you host your web application and make it available to your customers over the internet. The best SaaS packages are scalable, meaning they can be adopted by any company, regardless of their size, scope, or budget. This means you’ll need to come up with a few different pricing options to meet all requirements.

SaaS products generally work on a subscription basis, which means that rather than paying a one-off sum for lifetime use of your app, your customers will pay a rolling fee on a monthly or annual basis. Charging in this way is much more attractive to customers, as they can pay for what they need and aren’t tied into a contract. It also increases the lifetime value of each customer.

By creating a few different subscription plans, you can reach a much wider audience who only pay for the package they need. You can start with a basic package offering core functionality for small businesses, moving up to a more expensive offering for large enterprises. Do some competitor research to get an idea of pricing, and experiment with different figures until you find the right ones.


Once your app is complete, you will need to figure out how to establish your brand and differentiate yourself amidst a crowded marketplace. A solid marketing strategy will enable you to build brand awareness and acquire customers. This strategy will involve inbound methods such as social media and digital content, as well as outbound methods such as events, emails and paid advertising.

Ongoing Maintenance and Updates

All web applications are constantly being improved over time, and managing the ongoing maintenance and updates of your software will be one of your biggest operational challenges. This may involve releasing new features for your customers, fixing bugs in the system or upgrading security measures. You will need to figure out the best way to achieve this without disrupting the service you provide to your customers.

It’s one thing to create a web app, but turning it into a successful Software-as-a-Service business is another challenge altogether. Need help designing or building your own web app? Get in touch with Make IT Simple to discuss your needs.

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