Tough choice: hiring the right software developer

by Andy Jones ,
November 18, 2020
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It’s hard enough to make a decision to purchase a bespoke software application. It’s even tougher to choose the right software developer to create it for you. With hundreds of them populating the market, finding your ideal software development company is akin to finding that proverbial needle in a haystack.

Before you start the search for such a company, we would like to give you a list of things to consider. Armed with it, you can shorten your quest and save some time.

View The Project Portfolio & Seek User Feedback

Each custom business software developer has a portfolio. You can check the projects they’ve worked on before coming to you. When looking at these projects, you have to evaluate whether they are similar to what you are looking for.

The second step is to contact the companies the software developer did the work for (if possible). Your goal is to find out how well the software works for the end user. Getting feedback from older clients is vital to understanding if the program works in the long run.

Find Out About The Size (It Matters!)

Large software development companies can offer excellent products, but you may not be satisfied with the price. Meanwhile, bigger companies may not always provide the personalised approach your business needs.

Small and mid-sized companies are ideal for businesses looking to order custom-made software with a reasonable budget. Usually, such companies provide attentive customer service and project management but may not have the capacity to complete large projects to tight deadlines.

While a small company is great for your budget, it may not have all the specialist development and project management competencies you need for your project. Also, if the number of developers and designers is limited, you may have to wait a long time to get your project done. Always ask the company representatives how many people they have available to work on your software.

Request The Payment Structure

There are two ways to pay for your software development project. One is a fixed rate and the other one is an hourly charge. A fixed rate may seem more reasonable at first since it can help you plan your budget.

However, developers that offer fixed rates take the risk that unforeseen circumstances will increase the resources needed to bring the project to completion, leading to delays or renegotiated prices. It’s virtually impossible to set a fixed price for bespoke software, which usually needs changes along the way. If you see a fixed price tag, be ready for extra charges.

An hourly charge may seem intimidating for its lack of certainty. However, it does a better job helping clients control costs as the project progresses and is normally more transparent. A respectable company can give you an approximate evaluation of the project price and set up budget controls so you don’t spend more than you intend.

Find Out More

At Make IT Simple, we offer the highest quality bespoke software with a reasonable price tag. You can request our portfolio at any time. We are 100% transparent about our work.

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