What are some benefits that custom software development can bring to a company?

by Andy Jones
February 12, 2020
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Every enterprise is looking for new ways to boost profits and outdo the competition. One such method is on the surface but not many companies realise how efficient it is. The advantages of custom software development are so numerous that once you start reaping the benefits, you’ll be at a loss why others aren’t doing it yet.

While underfunded businesses and small start-ups may be forced to deal with off-the-shelf proprietary software, other companies should seriously consider custom program development. It can make your life easier and keep you ahead of the competition

1. Made Just For You

The main advantage of custom-made software is that it’s, well, custom made. The programs are tailored to suit your business. All the business processes are identified separately to create an ideal solution. Our analysts and software developers at Make IT Simple consider all the company requirements, including the available hardware, budget, and the number of employees.

The alternative: off-the-shelf solutions have to be adjusted to suit your company’s needs. It will take time and effort, which can be used for other important matters. Meanwhile, proprietary programs may contain unnecessary features and require special hardware to operate.

2. Highly Adaptable

Custom-tailored solutions don’t just suit your company needs in an ideal manner, they can change together with your business. If your company starts growing or envelops other industry areas, the initial software may not cut it anymore. We develop custom-made software, which is highly adaptable and can be tweaked to suit the ever-changing needs of your company.

The alternative: Off-the-shelf products are not flexible. You may spend time and money to adjust it to your needs today only to see it become useless in a few months.

3. Economically Efficient (Surprise!)

Custom-tailored software may be more expensive than off-the-shelf solutions in terms of up-front costs, but in the long run, it delivers an impressive ROI. Such programs allow you to save on:

Time-consuming integration Employee training (the learning curve of the all-purpose software may be high) New software/licenses once the company starts growing Meanwhile, custom software development allows you to optimise your business processes and boost profits.

The alternative: Pay less for off-the-shelf software today and pay more for integration, support, and adjustments tomorrow.

4. Better Customer Support

Since custom made software will become an integral part of your company’s function, you need high-quality support. Bespoke solutions come with a team of developers, who are ready to assist with the program for as long as it’s exploited. Our team provides extensive support while keeping in mind that the developed software is the property of the client. Custom made programs allow you to access personalised development support any time you need it.

The alternative: Off-the-shelf software offers manufacturer support as well, but this is always on their terms, not yours. There is also no guarantee that the manufacturer won’t terminate the support when they decided to develop a new product, stop producing the software you need or leave the market.

5. Secure And Hack-Proof

Custom software development involves creating a special product for a particular company. Accordingly, third parties rarely have access to the programs or the code that sustains it. This reduces the risk of a hacker attack while making the product more secure.

The alternative: Off-the-shelf programs are used by many companies, which makes it easier to attack several businesses at once. As a result, all-purpose programs become better targets for hackers than specially tailored software run by one party.

6. Allows you to grow efficiently

Technology that has been purpose-built should allow you to grow your business without growing your staff base. Use humans where they are needed and leverage their time with doing repetitive tasks – what computers were built to do.

7. Gives your company value

Intellectual Property is one of the key things investors look at when valuing a business. That’s not to say you want to sell today but it’s nice to know your company would be valued as a real asset should you ever want to.

Final Verdict

Custom software development is the key to becoming a strongly developed company with excellent growth potential. The same can’t be achieved with off-the-shelf solutions that come with numerous drawbacks.

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