What is bespoke software development?

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When you need any new technology in your business, whether it’s for payroll, accounting, CRM, or order processing you are faced with three options:

  1. Buy an off-the shelf software product – something that is already developed
  2. Build your own (or try to fix or adapt existing systems in-house)
  3. Bespoke software development – hiring a company like ours to build a software solution that exactly meets your needs

Bespoke software development is akin to sculpting a tooth crown. The end product fits the owner perfectly. In fact, it fits so well that you aren’t even conscious that it’s there; you can just get on with what you need to do.

The right software systems in your business can substantially reduce the time spent on routine tasks, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and lengthy reporting. Bespoke or custom-tailored software is built to suit the specific needs of your company and to meet your exact requirements.

Bespoke software development also considers your future business evolution. As your business grows, your systems will need to adapt, and good software design factors in this need for scalability and provides a platform for business growth. As a well-established developer, we also provide ongoing support, maintenance and updates for any system we build to add new functionality and help it adapt to an ever-changing business environment.

This type of custom-tailored technology doesn’t just streamline and improve your work processes, they also give you the edge in a competitive market and increase your company’s capital value. With a unique and effective software solution in place, your company will be a more attractive proposition to any would-be investors.

Bespoke Software Development vs. Off-The-Shelf Software Purchase

Off-the-shelf products are cheaper than bespoke software, but as they are not made specifically for your business it usually means ‘making do’.

1. Do You Like Servicing The Tailor?

Do you service the tailor or should the tailor service you? In the case of off-the-shelf software, you need to adjust your business to the way the software works, usually by slowing down the process. I.e. servicing the tailor. Bespoke software is designed to the way your business operates to make it work just as you, your staff and your customers need it to.

2. Hello? I Need Help!

With off-the-shelf software, the quality of customer support is sometimes questionable. The manufacturer deals with hundreds or even thousands of clients and may not have time to answer your questions immediately. With time, the company may start developing a new product and stop the support completely.

Customer-made software developers, like Make IT Simple, guarantee extensive support for the life of their product and quick response time.

3. New Hardware Costs? No, I Didn’t Plan Any

Off-the-shelf software may require you to purchase extra hardware in order to have the programs run properly. This is because developers of off-the-shelf software have to make compromises about which platforms they want to develop for and when to stop supporting older technologies. When you buy bespoke software, we’ll agree all of that with you.

4. Running From A Hack Attack

Off-the-shelf software can be more prone to hackers’ attacks than bespoke software. Hackers want to get as many people as possible, so target the most widely-used applications. And when major developers release hasty security updates, there are often unforeseen issues, as customisations or add-ons stop working.

If you are ready to invest in the prosperity of your business, don’t settle for ‘making do’. Our team of software and app enthusiasts at Make IT Simple can create custom-tailored solutions for your business, helping you get ahead of the game.

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