Artificial Intelligence Development

Artificial Intelligence Development

When you hear the word “voicebot,” it probably sounds like some kind of futuristic robot from a sci-fi movie. Well, the future is here. While we’re not living in a sci-fi flick, voicebots, or “conversational AI” have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the way they can gather information and make people feel more comfortable.

Because people are inundated with ads and marketing schemes on a daily basis, conversational AI gives them a way to feel more connected. Ironically enough, it adds a ‘humanistic’ quality to your mobile or web app by learning and developing natural language that is used to interact with people.

Chances are, you already use voicebots on a regular basis, whether you have a virtual assistant in your home or GPS in your car.

Now your applications can benefit from it too. By utilizing a voicebot, you can help to direct customers and clients where they need to go, answer questions, and give extra information without making those clients wait for a response from a person.

At Make It Simple, we build voicebots from scratch for unique use. Whatever your application may be, we can build them into web, mobile, telephone, or smart speakers. Imagine a virtual assistant associated with your app or a way to connect with clients that doesn’t overwhelm your team.

Yes, the future is here, and it’s very vocal. If you’re interested in learning more about conversational AI, let us know and we’ll show you how it can work for you.