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At Make IT Simple we love a good challenge. We tune each of our products until it's pixel-perfect. See how we brought our client's wildest ideas to life.

Web Application Development Web Application Development

At Make IT Simple, web applications make us giddy. They’re our bread and butter. They are truly what we do best and what we started with. It’s easy for some people to get confused trying to understand the difference between a web application and a website. Web applications are things like Facebook, or where you do your online banking. Of course, those might look like websites when you’re checking them in your browser, but they are actually applications that take a lot longer to build - we’re talking thousands of hours.

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Mobile App Development Mobile App Development

It’s impossible to ignore the impact mobile has had on the way people search the web, use apps, etc. In fact, it’s the way a large majority of the population gets anything done, and there’s no sign of that trend slowing down any time soon. So, we’ve been involved in the mobile world for 5-6 years. Initially, we used our sweet web skills to create Cordova/PhoneGap apps. The problem? That didn’t always make for a great user experience, so we backed off.

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UI/UX Design UI/UX Design

Functional technology is easy. That’s especially true in today’s world where it can often feel like developers are a dime a dozen. Admittedly, we started out that way, too. When we were met with a task, we got the job done, and there was nothing wrong with any of those projects. But, it wasn’t sustainable, and looking back, it wasn’t usable or attractive. Over our years of experience and advancements in technology, we have learned that it doesn’t necessarily matter how functional something is if it’s not easy to use and enjoyable.

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Custom Software Consulting Custom Software Consulting

We’ve been in the technology industry for 15+ years - even though we don’t look a day over 14. In those years, we’ve been lucky enough to build up our own personal technological libraries in our minds. As a result, we have also been able to do everything from educating clients on things like best practices to sharing with them where they should be aiming to reach their goals.

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Artificial Intelligence Development Artificial Intelligence Development

We’ve been working with various flavours of AI for a number of years now. Whether that be Speech-to-Text (STT) to understand what a user says, whether that be Text-to-Speech (TTS) for a computer to speak to a user, Natural Language Understanding to infer what someone meant by a certain phrase. Or using a Machine Learning algorithm to infer a future result from a dataset. Or Computer Vision to have a machine do the heavy lifting processing images or videos.

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Desktop Application Development Desktop Application Development

While an “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mentality might seem out of date, there’s a lot of truth behind it. People get far too confused nowadays using technology that isn’t up to par, just because it’s “new” and shiny. We use Javascript. It’s top-notch, and we’re really good at it.

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