What We Do
Single-minded about creating epic apps

Custom App & Business Software Development

EPIC Apps - That's everything.
We work very closely with our client to help formulate their ideas clearly. Our systems analyst then verifies the creative concept and overall design and documents thoroughly ready for the developers.
Working with Make IT Simple you’ll discover practices normally associated with large big-ticket agencies, like our single technology stack, continuous delivery, and continuous integration.
You’ll be amazed when you discover how early you start seeing a functional app. That’s all thanks to the way we continually publish and automatically test every project, to minimise risks.
Intensive Design

We’re not your usual development company. If you just need a team to take your brief and build a functioning web/mobile app, we’re probably not the guys for you.

At Make IT Simple, application concept design is something we love – and something we do exceptionally well!

So if you need a team who’ll help turn your idea into a brilliant concept, then implement it to the highest standards, you need to speak to us first!

We also work exclusively with an award winning user interface and user experience specialist who knows exactly how we work. We work very closely together to build the most intuitive user interface experience for your target audience.

Incredible Build Quality

It is our dev team policy only to work with a single technology stack — the best, most reliable, and most rapid environment available today. Right now, that’s Meteor, Angular & MongoDB, and being 100{67eaa232f5d21d31f6a438725b25dd3b8e37bdc1c6476b150f7b9829716f3a66} dedicated and trained, we are total experts in it.

Most companies will switch between multiple technologies, which means you end up paying for the time it takes them to learn. We will often review what tools are available and add to our stack after thorough testing & learning on internal projects, but the core always remains the same.

Continuous Delivery is an Agile practice you usually only see adopted by very large companies. It means that our client can see exactly where we are on their app every couple of hours (literally) so there are no surprises months down the line.

Continuous Integration is another practice that only large companies tend to use. It means we test on exact copies of the live production environment from the start, also helping us to avoid unpleasant surprises.

We’re also an Amazon Web Services partner. We find AWS is not only extremely cost-effective for our clients, but also expands effortlessly.

Unrivalled Feedback

We believe you shouldn’t ever have to test your product. So we have our own internal testing team who are involved in the very early stages of a project, so they understand completely what the apps need to do they will be testing. Only after thorough internal testing will a piece of work be presented for your acceptance testing.

Automated Testing (again, you guessed it, something only the big boys usually do). With many developers, you can find yourself most of the way through a project only to find something built on day 1 no longer works!

On the other hand, whenever we deliver any piece of functionality, we build an accompanying automated test, which means that whenever you submit a change, it automatically checks all previously built functionality to make sure it still works. That means that we know instantly whenever something breaks so we can fix it immediately.

All these investments are incredibly worthwhile, because they minimise stress, risk, and cost all round.