What is an MVP Web App?

by Andy Jones ,
December 18, 2022
Web Application Development

New web app ideas are generated every single day. Entrepreneurs who believe they have come up with the next big thing will be buzzing to get their idea in development and push it out to their audience right away. But this is not always the best approach.

Developing a successful web application does not happen overnight. It’s essential to conduct extensive research to determine which audiences will use the product, how the design should work, how to monetise it, and which marketing strategies will be most effective. There are so many things to consider, and even if some research has been conducted, it’s impossible to know all the answers until the app has been developed and released.

For this reason, many businesses and entrepreneurs opt to create a minimum viable product, or MVP, in order to achieve the level of testing required for their web app.

What is an MVP web app?

An MVP, or minimum viable product web app, is an early version of the product with just enough core functionality to allow it to be released. It is usually a far cry from the finished product but it is usable enough to let customers and potential investors test out the product idea. Developers can then use this feedback to update and improve upon the current iteration.

Some of the most well-known mobile and web apps in the world, including Facebook, Dropbox, and Uber, were originally launched as minimum viable products before becoming globally successful.

What are the benefits of a minimum viable product?

There are so many great reasons to launch a web app as a minimum viable product, including:

  • You will receive feedback from early customers regarding every aspect of your web app, from functionality and user experience to aesthetics and design. You can use this information to improve later iterations of the application.
  • An MVP helps to validate your product idea, proving that it works as a concept and is likely to be successful when rolled out. This eliminates a lot of the risk, and can thereby help entrepreneurs to garner investment for their app. This will also serve to help your marketing and brand awareness.
  • Waiting until your web app is perfect could result in it being stuck in development hell for months or years, until you have finally finished making all the tweaks. But an MVP enables you to avoid procrastination and have a quick release. Simply focus on getting the core functionality right until you have received the users’ feedback.
  • Releasing your web app as a minimum viable product can help you save money, as you will speed up the development process and start making money right away. Not to mention the fact that you will minimise the amount of tweaks required post-release.

It’s clear that there are numerous benefits to releasing a web or mobile app as a minimum viable product. If you are looking to develop an application and need help, get in touch with Make IT Simple to discuss your requirements.

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