Case Study: How NLG RPO accelerated their recruitment back office offering with Make IT Simple and Infinitemp™

Discover how the Make IT Simple team pooled all their expertise in back office software solutions to create the incredible, time- and cost-saving application Infinitemp™ for NLG RPO. It remains one of our biggest projects to date, and we’re incredibly proud of the results!

Infinitemp™ Background

NLG RPO (formerly known as NL Managed Services) is an established organisation that aims to revolutionise the way temporary staff and recruitment are managed within the healthcare sector.

Their solutions – which now includes the Infinitemp™ web application that Make IT Simple developed – are created to add value, reduce costs, speed up processes and improve standards for healthcare settings looking to hire temporary staff.

And what was the challenge they faced?

NLG RPO had discovered a gap in the market and seen an immense opportunity to make a positive difference to healthcare organisations and staff across the country.

They wanted to enable these organisations and individuals to manage their recruitment and all the aspects that come with it from a single source, as opposed to using up valuable time and resources working with a multitude of agencies on an individual basis.

Unfortunately, NLG RPO’s team were having to rely on NLG RPO to run this managed service, which was not only highly intensive work, but also prone to error, and – in the interests of continued success – would have required the company to multiply their workforce considerably.

“If we want to 10x our business, we need to 10x our staff – and we’d need an aircraft hangar to house them all!”

- Scott Illingworth-Harrison, Operations Director

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Discovering Make IT Simple

NLG RPO realized that, in order to make their business offering as cost effective and efficient as possible to run, they needed to transform it with an innovative digital solution.

After two years of work and speaking to multiple digital product companies, they could not find a single organisation who were willing to take on a project of this scale and level of build quality.

It was only when they were in talks with the managing director of OctoPaye – another client of ours at Make IT Simple, who kindly recommended us and our back office software solutions – that they enquired about our services.

After a series of in-depth consultations and planning sessions with the NLG RPO team to establish their goals and what they were looking to achieve, it was time for us to get stuck in to building their desired back office web application!

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What were our greatest challenges with this project?

This was perhaps the biggest project that we have ever taken on here at Make IT Simple, and we had to get set up fast. We even hired new team members to ensure that we had enough expertise and hands on deck to make the best web application for NLG RPO as possible!

As well as superior functionality, stand-out design and aesthetics were an essential part of NLG RPO’s brief for this project. Every click, pixel, and button press needed to be as sleek and professional as possible. Just one example included incorporating high-tech UI for components, such as text entry.

Despite the enormity of the project and the demands that came with it, our team were delighted by the challenges it presented, and dived right in!

How we made it simple…

Besides hiring only the most talented developers here at Make IT Simple, our managing director Andy has a strong background in recruitment, combining exceptional knowledge and understanding of the industry with practical experience in umbrella payroll software and the pay and bill process.

NLG RPO’s project really couldn’t have been in better hands!

The result…

After two years of dedicated hard work and perseverance, the Make IT Simple team produced NLG RPO’s finished product – the Infinitemp™ web application!

Infinitemp™ is a single, secure and easy-to-use platform that allows healthcare organisations to manage their procurement to payment processes. More specifically, they can:

  • deal with all areas of compliance around hiring temporary healthcare staff
  • upload vacancies and list candidate specifications and job requirement
  • receive appropriate candidate recommendations from a variety of trusted agencies
  • complete time sheeting, invoicing and exporting to payroll processes

As a result, NLG RPO’s way of working positively transformed.

Their requirement for manual effort and input was vastly reduced, they no longer encountered the errors associated with using Microsoft Excel, and they improved the overall speed and accuracy of their services – no additional staff or aircraft hangar required!

“Make IT Simple are amazing! We loved working with them. They really came in to their own when we faced tough challenges, and it was so reassuring to work with experts who are so passionate and genuinely great people to work with. I recommend without reservation!”

- Mark Hathaway, Managing Director

Looking to implement similar back office software solutions within your business?

At Make IT Simple, we aim to bring recruitment back office organisations significant value with innovative digital products that they can use to accelerate and expand their offering. And this is just the beginning!

If this is something you are looking to achieve at your organisation, be sure to get in touch with us today. We’ll be delighted to discuss your unique requirements and how we can help you take your business on the next step of its journey towards success!

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