Due Diligence Services

Finding out whether a company or digital product is worth its valuation is a painstaking process.

Many investors make the mistake of investing in a company that looks good on paper while failing to spot some of the technical risks lurking below the surface; an error that can cost serious money. 

Completing a comprehensive Due Diligence assessment is critical for identifying the business and technological risks of investment opportunities, and getting an accurate valuation of the company's worth so that you're confident of generating a clear return on investment.

Introducing our due diligence services 

Whether you’re looking to complete a Due Diligence assessment as a buyer or a seller, our independent Due Diligence services can help you get an accurate appraisal of the value, compliance standing, and maintenance requirements of a company before acquisition. 

Our expert team of developers can conduct an impartial analysis of potential IT investments, deeply analysing the standing of software products, including the quality of code, critical infrastructure, maintenance requirements, data privacy policies, and provide recommendations on how to mitigate any risks. 

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We can help you to identify the following:

We can also evaluate whether your team is fit for purpose or if you need to hire new talent. If you need to hire new staff, we can provide you with guidance on what roles to fill.

Make safer IT investments with due diligence

Through our rigorous Due Diligence assessment, we will identify issues that may cause you trouble in the future, such as lack of ownership of the IP or access to the source code that can adversely affect the value of the business.

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With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, our team has the experience needed to conduct a deep-dive analysis of potential IT investments and to provide an accurate valuation of any company, no matter how complex its infrastructure. Our experts will help you to mitigate risks and avoid any nasty surprises.