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Building custom software products, web apps and mobile apps can feel like an uphill struggle, particularly if you don’t have access to the right leadership or the resources to hire a full-time CTO to guide you on your journey.

However, a Fractional CTO can provide you with access to the expertise you need to implement an effective technology strategy long term. 

As part of our Fractional CTO package, you can hire a part-time, best-in-class CTO to take on the responsibilities of a traditional full-time CTO at a fraction of the cost.

Our service ensures you can have access to as much support as you need, whether that’s half a day a week or more, so that you always have the direction and leadership you need to design and deploy new digital products effectively.

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How our CTO as a Service works 

The marginal CTO functions as the upward point of contact for your software development team.

The CTO can manage your internal team and validate whether their approach to software development is effective, such as double-checking that they’re using the right software development packages or implementing the necessary hosting and security practices. 

Get help with your big picture strategy

With over 15 years of experience in the technology industry, we’ve built a solid foundation of expertise that our marginal CTO will help design a big picture strategy and set you on the path to achieving your core business objectives, supporting long-term growth, and driving revenue. 

Our service is tailor-made for mid-size organisations that are in the process of building custom software products, SaaS solutions, web apps, and mobile apps but don’t need to employ a full-time CTO who want reassurance they have the operational excellence needed to achieve their core business goals. 

Want to find out how our CTO as a Service solution can help you optimise your technology strategy? Contact us today.

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