How do you find and choose a custom software development firm?

by Andy Jones ,
January 10, 2020
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Just like any ideal, the totally 100% perfect-for-everyone dream software development company doesn’t exist. However, there are plenty of fantastic software development companies out there who will be a perfect fit for your business. It’s up to you to choose the best of the best. Since custom-tailored software can help your business grow, develop, and thrive, its quality is vital.

Before choosing a software development company to negotiate with, identify your needs and goals. They will help you single out the right development team.

1) Check Their Experience

The key to hiring the right company is checking its experience and expertise. The best way to do it is to talk to its previous clients and look at the products they have made. If you have a large project, which requires a team of developers and coders, you need to look for a large enough company to suit your needs.

The best development company has experience in your industry and/or have written similar software before.

Smart approach: Check out the company’s website. Most companies have a list of clients they’ve worked for and products they’ve made.

2) Ask For Samples

Custom-made software for a business must be flexible. So should the development company. They should be able to design a program that integrates with other products used by the business. The company will need to change/update the software depending on the client’s ever-changing preferences.

There are two main ways to run a project these days: Waterfall and Agile. Not to go into the differences, it’s worth checking the company’s views on which methodologies they offer and which would suit you as a client and this particular project.

Ask the company representative about how flexible their approach is. Many companies like Make IT Simple describe their approach on their websites.

3) Test The Company’s Stability

In order to make the most out of your custom-made software, you need stable support. By checking out how long the company has been on the market, how many branches it has, and how financially stable it is, you can make forecasts about its future ability to offer support.

4) Evaluate The Size

How big do you need your software development company to be? Large companies usually have large teams with a variety of skills and experience. However, they may have too many clients to give you sufficient individual attention. Small companies can focus solely on your product but lack certain experience.

At Make IT Simple as with other medium-sized companies, we aim to strike a balance between experience, development capacity and personal service.

5) Their Competencies

When hiring a custom software development firm you would think you are mostly buying development time but actually, there are so many other key capabilities you need, namely:

  1. Solutions Architecture/Systems Design
  2. Business Analysis/Systems Analysis
  3. User Interface Design/User Experience
  4. Project Management
  5. Quality Assurance
  6. Automated/Load Testing

You must ensure that the firm you choose has all of the above in-house.

6) Listen To Your Intuition

When talking to a representative, listen to your inner voice. Instinctive approval or disapproval plays a big role. Since you’ll need to be working with these people for many months, it’s important to feel comfortable in their company. Not because you are about to make friends but because they have to understand your needs extremely well. Misunderstanding is a major problem in the developer-customer relationship. Take steps to avoid it.

7) Contemplate The Price

Cost is usually a highly important factor in bespoke software development. Companies that are completely open about their prices on their website and companies that are overly cagey about cost should make you suspicious. This usually means you’ll be spending more than you expected. Respectable developers like Make IT Simple declare an hourly rate coupled with final cost approximation, which usually turns out to be accurate. However, extra expenses are always possible. We always discuss budgeting on a case by case basis and are transparent about development costs.

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