Before hiring Make IT Simple, Recruit Payroll were carrying out their recruitment back-office services using third party software and Excel spreadsheets. This not only left them short of valuable time, but vulnerable to human error.

Read on to discover how our team deep-dived into this project to create Octopaye, the online payroll software, and the subsequent impact it’s had on the temporary recruitment space!

Octopaye Background

Prior to becoming Octopaye, our client was known as Recruit Payroll. Their recruitment back-office services emerged from the managing directors’ years of recruitment, payroll and software experience, and desire to empower payroll specialists to manage their daily tasks more efficiently.

The challenge

In order to achieve their goal of helping their clients overcome modern payroll challenges – such as internal payroll administration and PAYE Bureau requirements – our client’s team used a combination of third-party software and Microsoft Excel to process timesheets.

Unfortunately, doing this manually took up a vast amount of time for their staff, which subsequently swallowed up their capacity and prevented them from taking on as much business as they had intended. For example, a group of 1,000 timesheets would take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

What’s more, this manual process also made our client vulnerable to human error; the correction of which would then take up further precious time and funds.

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Discovering Make IT Simple

In order to achieve the pace and scale that they desired, our client knew they were going to have to think big. Ocean big!

After hearing about Make IT Simple’s previous success with other recruitment back office online payroll software projects, they came to us with their ideas and aims, and after an in-depth consultation, our team set right to work.

How we made it simple…

This was undoubtedly an ambitious project for both our team at Make IT Simple and our client.

With an extensive background in recruitment and developing back-office solutions however, we sought to make this project as straightforward as possible, whilst maintaining our focus on producing nothing less than an outstanding final product – and that is exactly what we did!

What was the result?

In a nutshell, Octopaye – the final product – was a resounding success!

Whilst our client had previously been processing around 1,000 timesheets in 45 minutes, the system Make IT Simple created for them ran 15,000 timesheets in less than one minute.

This saved the business all the time they needed and more to nurture their ongoing client relationships while striking up others – and thus, grow their business exponentially!

More specifically, Octopaye offers “a new world of efficiency when it comes to processing payroll” by:

  • running payroll for recruitment agencies/companies with employees who have irregular payment patterns
  • providing payroll specialists with a simple, intuitive, user-friendly and lightning-fast interface in which to do so
  • taking the hassle out of running multiple processes for multiple clients in multiple locations.
  • Incorporating multiple payroll models, such as PAYE, Multiple Company, Payroll Bureau and others
  • … plus, much more!
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In fact, due to its innovation, compliance and impact on the temporary recruitment industry, Octopaye is recognised as an HMRC-approved system – which is almost unheard of for businesses of their scale.

What’s more, Octopaye and Make IT Simple are still working together to this day, with a couple of our expert team members on standby to provide support, maintenance and enhancements to the online payroll software as often as needed.

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