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Managing a recruitment back office is highly rewarding – though of course, not without its challenges.

For starters, you need to ensure that all your team are trained up on the latest processes and are completing payroll, billing, HR and other back office tasks to a high standard.

It’s also essential that you keep your finger on the pulse of the sector’s evolution in order to capitalise on business development, improvement and streamlining opportunities – and that you are able to do so with back office software that sits within the realms of your budget!

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In today’s rapidly changing world, this isn’t always straightforward.

In an age of endless information and increasingly fast-evolving tech, the applications traditionally used by back-office companies such as Excel are no longer quick or efficient enough to allow these businesses to grow.

What’s more, solutions like this are prone to human error, and off-the-shelf alternatives, while generally budget-friendly, are inflexible to the unique demands of the recruitment sector.

So… how will we work together?

With our extensive knowledge and experience in creating back-office software for the recruitment sector, we have enabled a large number of back-office businesses to achieve their ideal speed, accuracy and even profitability with our solutions.

Subsequently, these businesses have found themselves with everything they could possibly need to not only excel with their current client base, but attract new clients and customers to their services and watch their business grow.

More specifically, our back-office software solutions:

  • are wholly customisable depending on your business’s particular goals and requirements
  • can be developed to integrate with any other software you are currently using
  • are continually maintained and developed in line with the evolution of your business
  • can be created to reflect your budgetary requirements
  • will be quick and easy for your team to implement

Here’s how our team will streamline and accelerate your back-office processes:

1. Meet with you for an initial, in-depth consultation

During this session, our experts will discuss your business goals with you, as well as what you are hoping to achieve with your back office software. They will then explore how they can go about helping you reach these goals with a fully customised solution. No idea is too extreme here at Make IT Simple!

2. Get to work on your back-office software solution

Once we’ve established what you’re after, we’ll get to work on your app or software! You’ll also play an essential role in this process, as you’ll have the opportunity to see your product being developed in real time and offer feedback as we go.

3. Test, re-test and test again

Once your software is complete, it will undergo a rigorous testing process until your team and ours are completely satisfied with its functionality.

4. Provide ongoing maintenance and support

To ensure that your application is launched only when it is perfect, we test and retest throughout the build process, using the latest automated system.

Our services don’t end once your software is ready and out the door. We’ll be on hand to train all the relevant members of your team in how to use the software effectively, as well as provide on-going tech support.

Ready to bring your back office software ideas to life?

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