How to automate payroll, billing & timesheets

by Andy Jones ,
September 25, 2020
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How much did the last billing mistake cost you? Do your staff work overtime to meet payroll deadlines? Do paper-based timesheets take you back to the 19th Century?

If you’ve answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, your business needs some adjustments and it needs them fast. Automating payroll, billing, and timesheets matters is vital to helping your business develop and thrive. While there are a variety of solutions on the market to help you improve the processes, none of the software is designed to deal specifically with your business. For that you’ll need something a bit more bespoke.

Losing Time? Timesheet Automation With Custom Software

Although you may not be filling the timesheets manually but a generic solution you are using doesn’t give you the right ROI due to not being tailored to suit your particular company.

The custom-built software approach provides a variety of customisation options while considering all your needs. It doesn’t matter how many employees you have, be It 500 or 50,000. The right software solution can optimise your timesheet keeping, integrate it into the payroll, and provide quick access to the information at any time.

Many companies consider compromises regarding payrolls and timesheet system setups just because the solutions they use are not properly tailored to their needs. As a result, time is lost and errors prevail.

Even though timesheet automation custom software is more expensive than out-of-the-box solutions, you’ll see the ROI increase within several months.

Losing Money? Payroll Automation With Custom Software

Payroll is more than just paying your employee’s salary. It involves identifying and optimising salary structures, implementing new solutions, dealing with timesheets, tax updates, bonuses, reimbursements, leave tracking, and much more.

When you invest in an off-the-shelf solution, you face numerous extra features that you may never use. They interfere with your work while taking up space, which could be used for personalised elements, and failing to integrate with the systems you require.

Custom payroll automation software gives you fast access to all the forms and tax reports your business needs. This software is flexible enough to adapt to regulation and tax changes and can be scaled to meet your needs as you grow. The excellent support which comes with custom software (especially when designed by us!), is integral to keeping the payroll updated, optimised, and more sophisticated.

Losing Credibility? Billing Automation With Custom Software

What invoice challenges do you face? You can probably name a couple. The goal of a custom software application is to solve the problems your company faces. The lack of customisation in your current invoicing process leads to mistakes and lost time. The lack of a clear solution to billing results in efficiency reduction and extra costs.

Investing in custom software offers customised invoice solutions and improves business efficiency and output. The software could create auto bill profiles and make auto credit adjustments. You can track all the invoices using a reporting process uniquely tailored to you. All the invoices and documents can be sent out in a timely fashion. The billing data is processed according to your requirements and the immediate goals of the company. Sound good?

Custom software can automate payroll, billing, and timesheets in the fastest, most convenient, personalised manner. The advantages your business enjoys with custom-tailored programs for financial processes upstage the expenses by many orders of magnitude.

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