Case Study: How Make IT Simple helped revolutionary law firm radar win back crucial time and costs with the grace app

When renowned law firm radar wanted to be the first to create an intelligent chatbot for their customers, they decided that Make IT Simple were the best
mobile app development the UK for the job! Find out how we made it happen with the one-of-a- kind grace       app below…

grace Background

rradar is a specialist litigation and commercial law firm based in offices across the UK. They use their legal expertise, business solutions and a host of digital tools to reduce legal risks for a range of organisations before they become costly, placing an emphasis on education, management and unparalleled professional advice.

The challenge

Due to their level of knowledge and expertise, the rradar team were regularly dealing with requests and enquiries from a plethora of companies via email and telephone.

This process, while rewarding, was especially time-consuming for rradar’s employees. As such, they wanted to find a way to reduce the number of man hours being invested and enable their staff to focus on attending to and bringing in more business.

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Discovering Make IT Simple

rradar's team established that, in order to achieve their goal, a machine learning tool for their legal queries in the form of a chatbot app would be the ideal solution. In fact, they were the very first law firm to do so!

One of their investors, who had worked with Make IT Simple previously, recommended Make IT Simple as the best mobile app development company in the UK for the job. After a consultation and establishing exactly what it was that they rradar wanted to achieve, our team rolled up their sleeves and got to work!

What were our greatest challenges with this project?

The process of creating a chatbot was particularly complex at the time of this project (2016), and there were no single platforms readily available that would be able to incorporate all the components required to make the chatbot fully functional. Plus, whatever we created also had to be done differently to work on iOS and Android!

However, nothing is ever too great a challenge for our talented team here at Make IT Simple, and they got stuck right in to create the best possible chatbot app for rradar!

How we made it simple…

We’re open to any solution here at Make IT Simple, and this project was no exception. In order to ensure we put together the perfect app for rradar, we trial-and-errored numerous different providers – which, combined with our team’s enviable skillset, ensured that we could create the app for a fraction of the price that rradar had anticipated.

What was the result?

In a nutshell, Grace – the final product – was a resounding success!

Following a short yet intense period of hard work and perseverance, the Make IT Simple team completed rradar’s intelligent legal assistant app, grace!

In a nutshell, grace allows rradar’s clients to:

  • ask questions on a wide range of legal topics on the go via voice or text
  • receive clear-cut answers and legal information
  • be directed to a longer article on the rradarstation web portal
  • choose the option to call rradar’s advisors for more specific advice
  • and more!

Subsequently, rradar’s team has seen a huge reduction in preliminary phone calls, which saves them a significant amount of time that they could then use to take client’s more established queries further - and they’re positively delighted!

“I wanted to write to compliment the work Make IT Simple did on producing the rradar machine learning tool for legal queries (grace). The efficiency of the team, speed of execution and standard of communications were excellent. Thank you for your diligence and support, it has made a huge difference to the rradar digital offer.”

- Rob Crossland, CTO of rradar

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