Start-up and Recruitment Back Office Solutions

At Make IT Simple, we love working with start-ups and recruitment back-office companies.

Two rather different specialisms, you might think. While their more immediate goals may differ, they have two essential things in common:

  • The desire to make a positive contribution to their market, and
  • Needing the software to make that happen.
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And at Make IT Simple, it’s our goal to make this a reality.

With our web application development services, we have made it possible (and are continually making it possible) for these two sectors to not only meet their goals through beautiful, streamlined and impactful solutions, but to exceed them.

Want to know how? Read on and find out…

How we work with Start-Ups and Recruitment Back Office organisations:


Beginning a start-up business is incredibly exciting. Understandably, though, there’s a lot of pressure involved to get it right, too!

At Make IT Simple, we provide start-ups and emerging new organisations with web application development services, mobile app development services and more to ensure that their business launches successfully off the ground.

After all, to get noticed and be a profitable business in the today’s market, web and mobile applications are one of the most valuable assets you can have!

More specifically, when you decide to work with our team at Make IT Simple, we will:

  • schedule a consultation with you to establish your goals and ideas
  • get to work on your brief, allowing you to see your software develop as it happens
  • test, re-test and test your software until it’s 100% perfect
  • provide ongoing support, advice and development as your business grows and evolves

Recruitment Back Office

When it comes to working in the back office of recruitment, the possibilities for growth and development are endless. But this often requires an additional pair of hands!

Here at Make IT Simple, we specialise in creating new software, or modifying current software for popular recruitment back-office processes, including billing, payroll and more.

More specifically, we’ll:

  • book in a consultation with you and key team members to establish your goals and ideas
  • begin working on your software as briefed, giving you viewing access to the process
  • run in-depth tests on your new/improved software to ensure it ticks all the boxes
  • provide ongoing support, consultation and amends to your software as needed

Ready to get your start-up off the ground or see your recruitment back office success soar?

Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced and knowledgeable team today; they’d be more than happy to discuss your current situation and goals for your business, and how they can help you succeed with our web application development services and other sought-after software solutions!

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