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A web app isn’t just a product. It’s an experience.

At least, this is our view at here Make IT Simple! In fact, we know that the best and most successful web apps are those that quickly and efficiently place their users’ experiences and needs at the forefront, whilst simultaneously meeting and exceeding the goals of the business behind it … And this belief is the very reason that we have managed to create some truly incredible apps for the organisations we partner with!

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What is a web app, exactly?

In short, a web application, or “web app,” is a secure and scalable programme that performs tasks over the internet by utilising cutting-edge website technology and browsers. Some popular examples include shopping sites, social media platforms and online banking tools.

Unlike mobile apps (which we also develop here at Make IT Simple) which are built for specific mobile platforms, web applications are responsive to whatever device they are being accessed on and don’t require a download or installation.

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…And why should you implement a web app for your business?

In a nutshell, because web apps are now an essential component for business success. Web applications ensure that businesses can grow faster, more easily, and more economically by giving them ultimate opportunity to brand themselves, support their customers, and gain the upper hand over their competition.

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When you choose to partner with Make IT Simple for your web app development project, you’ll be left with an app that:

1. Accelerates your business goals

The first thing we will discuss with you is what your business goals are, and how you hope to achieve them with your web app. No idea is impossible to us!

2. Captivates its users - old and new

By placing the user experience at its heart, your web application will be primed to attract, nurture and make loyal advocates of your ideal customers, keeping them consistently coming back for more.

3. Is flawless and high functioning.

We won’t stop working on your web app design until every pixel and button reach aesthetic and functional perfection (and even then, we’ll still be on hand to support your app as it grows).

4. Adapts to the ever-changing needs of your organisation

One of the many beauties of web application development is that it can just keep going as your business needs and goals change - and we’ll be right by your side to do it!

5. Generates an outstanding ROI

Watch as your web app brings in more and more opportunities for business growth and expansion.

… and more!


To begin working with us on your web app development project, get in touch with us today and we’ll discussing your brief with you before you know it!

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