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Digital products are a great way for businesses to increase their customer base and continue to grow. We create web applications and mobile apps to make those challenges become a reality.

Do you have a great idea?

Are you worried it can’t become a reality?

Lay it on us.

We’ve never backed away from a challenge when it comes to creating beautiful, effective, and practical digital products for our clients. In fact, we pride ourselves on being a full-service digital product company.

What does that mean?

We work with small-medium businesses that want to add anything from web applications (like forms, shopping carts, and word processors - think Facebook, or your bank) to improvements on their customers’ user experience. We can even help with SaaS (Software as a Service) creation to market to your existing and future customer base.

Why We Stand Out

In this world of ever-changing technology, we pride ourselves on our unique ability to take a challenge or a simple idea and bring it to life. If you’re not sure your digital product or development idea can actually be done, let us take it on!

This is our passion. So much so, in fact, that we have built and sold digital product companies of our own. We’ve made the investments, overcome the challenges, and know the ins and outs of what it takes to be successful in this setting. We’re always happy to take what we have learned in our own discoveries and help you to overcome your own challenges to find success.

With over 15 years of experience in this industry, we still love every second of bringing new ideas to life. And, to be honest? We care about your success. Sure, that might sound like something anyone marketing a product or service might say, but it’s true. When our clients are successful, we consider ourselves successful. We want “wins” for everyone.

So, take us to task on any technical challenge. Let us step into the ring with your idea and smash anything that might hold it back from being great. If you’re interested in learning more or you have an idea that has to be charged to life, book a consultation with one of our experts. Together, we’ll work on the pieces of your product idea and put together something truly incredible.


If you would like us to work with you on your next project, please feel free to get in touch and tell us about what you’d like to achieve.

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Bespoke Software Developers

The beauty of bespoke business software is how closely you can match your business system to your business processes. It is, after all, these specific processes that make your business unique. Off-the-shelf software, while incredibly convenient, simply isn’t ever going to cover all of your needs. Where one pre-packaged solution falls short, there will be another to fill in.

It is therefore not uncommon to find businesses employing multiple systems to cover their needs, and using things in ways they were never intended for. Systems get messy, difficult to maintain and error prone, while workflows get convoluted as working around system idiosyncrasies become standard.

In the worst cases, users disengage and take matters into their own hands, operating outside of the system in ad-hoc secondary and tertiary systems (spreadsheets and so-on), only touching what is supposed to be the core system if they absolutely have to.

If your internal workflow has arrived at this point, inefficiency has likely reached a peak. It’s time to straighten things out and reinstate productivity as a key value in your business. You need to work with a professional bespoke software developer.

Close Working Relationships

We have worked in various areas of technology over our thirteen years in business, but working with clients to deliver bespoke software solutions is where we thrive. It’s what we love doing. We believe in working closely as a team, listening carefully to clients’ needs and developing strong working relationships over time.

Software development can be a real challenge. Things can get complicated quickly. We work hard to keep things as simple as possible for our clients, even when faced with the most difficult and demanding requirements. We understand the needs of clients, and we also understand the needs of developers. Our experienced managers mediate between the two sides to make sure both have what they need to operate effectively.

While there are certainly real differences between the way say, a typical manager operates in comparison to a typical developer, the link between the two, and the strongest common point for improvement that comes up time and again, is always: communication. It’s all about communication. The best way to know where you are is to tell it straight, to deal with the truth of the matter.

This is why we endeavour to maintain transparency at all levels of business. You’ll find us very open and communicative to work with. We really believe in this. If something doesn’t feel right, we’ll tell you. Equally, we expect the same in return. This is how we build strong working relationships that stand the test of time.

Engaging User Experience

If this is new territory for you, don’t worry—it’s not for us. This is what we do. Tell us what you need, we’ll listen. We’ll work with you to understand the needs of your business, and in particular your users. It is, after all, their engagement that will ultimately decide the success of your new system (no users, no system).

We pride ourselves on providing clear, user-friendly user interface (UI) and seamless user experience (UX). In today’s demanding market, these things really matter. Highly-polished social media sites have set the bar high.

If a system looks good and is a pleasure to use, users will warm to it and want to use it. Our speciality is satisfying modern user expectations while also delivering function-rich systems that really ‘do’.

We’ll work with you to design the system workflows you need to get work done quickly and efficiently, wrapped up in a highly usable and engaging user experience.

Continuous Improvement

We believe in producing work of the highest quality, and in continuous improvement at all levels of operation. Our internal workflows are the subject of regular scrutiny and evolve with every project to become leaner yet richer, more refined and informative.

We know our software developers and how to get the best out of them. Most of our current software development team has been with us for four years or more. Those who have prevailed and grown with us as a business all share the same work ethic and commitment to quality. Our coders adhere to the principle of ‘testing as you go’, to the point where testing is built-in to our standard coding practices.

Secondary quality assurance (QA) by a separate party and project manager quality control (QC), resulting in formal sign-off on all code releases, further drives up the quality of our deliverables. Regular internal code reviews work to maintain our adherence to standards and build on the sum knowledge of the development team.

Whenever areas for improvement are identified, this is shared with the wider team and incorporated into our approach going forward. This combination of oversight and teamwork makes us a hard-working, tightly-knit team.

Hybrid Methodology

In terms of working methodology, we employ a hybrid approach that makes use of the best of traditional and modern software engineering practices. Your typical developer is a different animal to your typical manager. They think differently, and they work differently.

This is why they need each other to operate successfully within the framework of a commercial enterprise. Our developer managers work closely with our bespoke software developers to bridge this gap and mediate between the two worlds. On the macro (or planning) scale, we use waterfall.

Done well, this is an effective tool for project management—tried and tested. We’ve found that our clients respond well to this model because it is straightforward and familiar, and when using an external, distributed team, an element of trust is essential. We help foster this by providing regular insight on expected timelines and deliverables.

Maintaining a structured project overview gives visibility into current activities, the various phases of work comprising the overall timeline and how it all fits together. Regular client check-ins, summaries and reports maintain this sense of project awareness and reassurance.

Talent and Expertise

At the developer level, the teams run according to the principles of Agile. How this manifests in practice is through early prototyping and iteration. Once proven through simple working examples, principles can then be built out into bigger working pieces that form the system components that piece together to form the larger whole.

This continuous cycle of scoping, review and iteration is a very hands-on way of working that produces tangible results as software development is driven forward. From the management perspective, the trick is to strike a balance between allowing the space for ingenious creativity and problem-solving to take place, while also knowing when to rein it in so that budgets and timelines remain intact.

This is the art of good management, and it is something we believe adds real value. It is a combination of the talent of our bespoke software developers and our expertise in management that makes us such a good bespoke software development company.

If you are as committed to creating quality products as we are, get in touch. We’d love to work with you.