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Our web app development in the UK is second to none here at Make IT Simple. Using the latest technology, our experienced developers create intuitive and streamlined platforms and systems that will help you achieve a thoroughly modern, interactive, insightful and efficient way of working.

The possibilities really are endless to develop your existing web presence or create a new one. Call us now to discuss the opportunities.

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Never thought about using a web app for your business? Here’s why you should…

Consumers love to communicate, and web apps are continuing to make this possible for more and more businesses every day. At Make IT Simple, we harness rapidly developing technology to produce apps that will offer your audience a multitude of benefits and mind-blowing experiences right at their fingertips. This will not only enable you to build stronger relationships and customer loyalty with your current base, but reach and entice a new, wider audience - and subsequently, grow your business!

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Why choose Make IT Simple?

Our dedicated team have been developing ground-breaking web applications for over 15 years now – for businesses, brands and enterprises large and small alike, and all with resounding success.

In fact, our clients are continually amazed by the outstanding web applications we create for them – not just at the beginning of their journey with us, but throughout the evolution of their app. But don’t just take our word for it… Discover their success

If you have an app idea, Make IT Simple will make it happen.

Today’s web applications can revolutionise the way you work. With the support of our outstanding team, the ability to capture consumer data and use it to your advantage will be within your grasp!

This is why our web app designs are created to reach your specific targets, whatever they may be, giving you the power to boost sales, increase productivity, manage your systems and much, much more.

From concept development to hosting, we’ll be with you at every step of your web app development journey, and even after launch – building, testing and analysing your web application for success.

Sound good? Here's how we’ll make your out-of-this-world web application…

A ground-breaking strategy

At the heart of it all is your strategy and deliverables. Our web app developers will innovate and create your final software around these goals, ensuring a consistent brand message throughout and that we are all working towards the same outcome.

We hire only the most talented and knowledgeable developers onto the Make IT Simple team, so you can rest assured that the strategy they conjure up will be the perfect fit for your particular business needs, and set you on the path towards absolute success – whatever it is that you are hoping to achieve!

Top level design and creation

We develop web applications all day long here at Make IT Simple, so nothing but the best will do when it comes to our choice of technology! Our web applications design team will design a stunning user interface (using high-tech stack such as NodeJS, Angular and MongoDB) in conjunction with your brand design to entice and excite your user.

Our top-of-their class web app developers will then build a user experience like no other, ensuring that every swipe, button and feature will meet all your business requirements and work smoothly for your users.

Visible production and development

Here at Make IT Simple, we don’t believe in simply receiving your brief, getting the thumbs up and disappearing into the unknown until your web application is ready for launch. In fact, you will be an integral part of the process by having the opportunity to watch your product as it develops!

More specifically, you can see your app in production with our amazing agile continuous delivery system, which updates every couple of hours. This means that you can offer us continuous feedback as we go and see changes automatically, updating across all platforms. This means no errors, and no time wasted!

Thorough testing

Rest assured that we will test and test throughout to ensure perfection. There will be no glitches and every swipe and tap will be right on target. We have a whole team dedicated to this, making sure that your user experience is spot on all the way prior to launch and beyond.

You are fully involved in the development process, and together, we will launch an outstanding app for your business!

Ready for us to build your web app?

If you would like to take advantage of our expert web app development in the UK for your next project, please feel free to get in touch and tell us about what you want to achieve.

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