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At Make IT Simple we are web app developers who create intuitive and streamlined web applications that help take your business to another level. Using the latest technology, we develop the platforms and systems that will help you achieve a thoroughly modern, interactive, insightful and efficient way of working. The possibilities are endless to develop your existing web presence or create a new one. Call us now to discuss the opportunities.


Make IT Simple builds amazing ground breaking apps


You have an app idea? We’ll make it happen.

We’ve been developing web applications for over 15 years now – for businesses, brands and enterprise large and small.

Our clients are very HAPPY people – who are continually amazed by what we can do for them. Outstanding applications = VERY happy clients


We’re a full service agency from concept development to hosting, so we’re with you the whole way and even after launch – building, testing and analysing your web application for success.

We are a web application developer with a passion for creating the ultimate user experience.

Our web app design is created to reach your targets, whatever that may be – boosting sales, increasing productivity, managing systems.

The technology is rapidly developing and the ability to capture consumer data and use it to your advantage is within your grasp with great web applications.

Consumers love to communicate, instant messaging and personalised offers appeal to all. Business communications are developing widely and today’s web applications can revolutionise the way you work.


How we’ll make your out of this world web application

Are you worried it can’t become a reality?

Strategy drives the app

At the heart of it all are your strategy and deliverables. Our web application developers will innovate and create the final software around them, ensuring a consistent brand message throughout and that we are all working to the same goals.

Top level design & creation

Using the latest technologies, our web applications design team will design a stunning user interface, in conjunction with your brand design – that will entice and excite your user. Our top of their class web app developers will build a user experience like no other, ensuring that every swipe, button and feature will meet all your business requirements and work smoothly for your users.

Watch your app develop…

You can see your app in production with our amazing agile continuous delivery system, updating every couple of hours. this means continuous feedback from you, changes automatically updating across all platforms. There are no errors and no time wasting.

Testing is key

Rest assured that we will test and test throughout to ensure perfection. there will be no glitches and every swipe and tap is right on target. we have a whole team dedicated to this – making sure that your user experience is spot on all the way prior to launch and beyond. You are fully involved in the development process. together we will launch an outstanding app.


If you would like us to work with you on your next project, please feel free to get in touch and tell us about what you’d like to achieve.

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High tech systems for your app ensuring ultimate web applications design

As we are developing web applications all day long, nothing but the best will do when it comes to technology.

Every web app developer on our team uses the latest high tech stack (meteor, angular and mongo db).

This allows a seamless and cohesive approach to app design, ensuring we work to the same script – it updates changes across the board, and there is no room for error.

Building the best user experience for your business

Engage with your customers, reach a wider audience and build loyalty by offering a multitude of benefits and enticing experiences at their fingertips.

Technology is developing rapidly, place your business way out in front of competitors.

If you think your business or enterprise requires a top web application developer, contact us here to discuss.

  1. We’ll have an informal chat about your ideas and desires.
  2. When strategy is agreed, our design gurus will create a stunning web application design and interface.
  3. We’ll kick start the software team who will bring it all to life.
  4. We will test and test to ensure perfection.
  5. You will be amazed at the results.
  6. Your app will reach beyond your wildest expectations and we’ll test and analyse the user experience. we are perfectionists.